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Russia collecting intelligence on US supply line failures, DHS warns

Russia collecting intelligence on US supply line failures, DHS warns

As per a report by the DHS, Russian spies are likely using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to collect intelligence on US supply lines. ’Intelligence collection on medical supply chain vulnerabilities could inform future operations aimed at weakening key logistical elements in preparation for a wartime attack’, an internal DHS document said.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

And Adam Schiff just had an accident in his pants!

Don'tbackNV 4 months

CHINA is the one to worry about.... Russia could actually be a good ally AGAINST China (China hates Russia btw.) The chicom bought out and invested msm and deep state knew when trump got in he would go after China (tariffs, national security, protectionism etc) and in a bid to protect the ccp and slow trump down they instigated Russiagate. We could in fact without sacrificing soveriegnty ally with Russia against China along with Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, etc and create an encirclement embargo to "give China what they always wanted, a China without any foreigners... you will never see another foreign person land or thing." China CANNOT self sustain and soon would crumble and patriotically self sacrifife returning to qing era numbers (400 billion.) For those of you who say "ccp and chinese are different" you simply DO NOT understand chinese mentality and levels of brainwashing: it is INCONCEIVABLE that anytime that looks chinese can be chinese, for them their identity and state are the same thing. They are complacent as to what their evil government does and always have been for centuries. Even at over a billion they cannot liberate themselves (and they really could if they so desired) however in the interest of their true religion money (财神 mammon) the are willing to subjugate themselves and the rest of the world to the evils of the ccp (sloth is a sin for a reason.) Therefore, the best way to deal with these evil assholes is to let them self destruct. The blood will be on their hands and not ours. Chinese simply CANNOT assimilate with the rest of the world as in their eyes chinese and "foreigners" ie anyone not them are fundamentally, genetically and biologically different (their words just ask them about hot water and "Chinese medicine"). Chinese people are a manufactured product of the CCP and by design uniform inefficient pschizophrenic ultra nationalist/foreign hate/shamed people. Anytime there is a dispute between ccp and anyone the people immediately attack everything from the perceived enemies country. They look at the rest of the world as an obstacle towards a one world China. Just look at senkaku islands. Millions of Chinese live safely in japan forever even chinese in China whom possessed Japanese cars recieved death threats, burned vehicles etc... that's why if you own a toyota in China you MUST put a chinese flag on it for your own saftey. Australia? Canada? How many innocent expats have been arrested and EXECUTED do to disputes between ccp and their country... Legal Africans in China? Just look up Africans being illegally evicted in guangzhou "there are too many blacks in guangzhou" even though they are less than 1% of the local population. Chinese are very adamant to "spread chinese values around the world" at the same time there values are incompatible with living in a cohesive but racially varied society. Chinese enjoy the luxuries around the world of citizenship and integration that they take for granted (building uncohesive China towns across the world that harbor non native spreaking tax evading crime harboring anti host culture sentiment cities.) Wheras in China simply refusing Chinese medicine or food for whatever reason (allergy, personal reason) is often grounds enough to be labeled anti chinese which can be extremely dangerous leading to loss of job, arrestation, deportation, "re-education" or even execution in extreme cases. I AM NOT exaggerating, this kind of thing happens ALL the time. Foreigners to this day still cannot send their children to public school unless one parent is chinese, obtain a credit card (you know for plane tickets), open their own business (only chinese can), become a chinese citizen, stay in most hotels (only those that can register you with the police can), work on a marriage visa, buy a home (in most cases can't), even renting in many areas is simply not allowed. Foreigners are frequently charged more for the same services. You ALWAYS have to call in advance to ask if foreigners are allowed for events. Even restaurants have limits on how many foreigners allowed and they are often raided by the police and shut down. The only thing a foreigner can really do in China is pretend to love China so they can say "see foreigners love China" but they will NEVER accept you as chinese. Even if you marry into a chinese family and maybe the parents are cool with it (if you're very lucky) the extended family will still look at you as a second class citizen. People who complain about racism in the west should definitely go to China to learn what racism really looks like. Beyond that it is simply a system that does not allow you to integrate into it ever. You will always be a second class citizen that is just their to essentially provide financial support to others and be used to say "see they love China" while at the exact same time say "they don't love China, they are very racist to chinese in the west, Chinese are so nice to foreigners and they are mean to us, these spoiled foreigners have it too good." In China you CONSTANTLY fear for your life in the back of your head. You could just be walking on the subway and a beggar bumps into you and they fall and blame you for some random injury (碰瓷). They will get a fake doctor note and force you to pay them. The police will ask for your ID foreigner but probably not theirs (oh this scumbag? He's chinese, what would I need his id for?). The only way to actually protect yourself as a foreigner in China is to look like you're important. That's why you always keep an embassy card on you so you can say your spouse works for the embassy (if you say yourself but your passeport is different they might call your bluff.) that's why looking rich in China is everyone's priority. Cops are afraid to touch anyone that looks rich in fear they might cross a superior. That's why you'll see plateless super cars obviously flaunting the law but nothing happens. Party members children have been known to drive by run over people only to say "I'm so and so's son" 富二代. Once in a while the most flagrant will be made an example (or during internal regime change.) but basically that's how it works there So any "anti 1%" should also go to China and realize what that's really all about. There is no such thing as chinese history in modern China. I can say this confidently because any deeper digging will basically take you very quickly to the limited scope on the matter. It is HIGHLY dangerous and frowned upon to say anything but superfluous. In truth, most of the last vestiges off "true" (China has manipulated its history since basically the first dynasties) chinese culture reside in Taiwan. Tootsie Hutu in Rwanda are pretty appauling granted, however, the level and scope of horrible things from China is simply too long even really begin listing here let alone mentally cope with. If the devil exists then he loves China above all other places.

michael 4 months

and trump PAID FOR the supplies Russia sent us, after turning down FREE stuff from the WHO.

Sherlock 4 months

Russia is an autocracy with a modern, sly "czar" in charge. It is an empire in expansion and it should be treated as such.

Anthony Beaton
Anthony Beaton 4 months

Of course they are, this is a learning moment for everyone, all countries should be doing this.

dan 4 months

And the cia and nsa both are doing the same in many countries. They all do it don't let the news blur that fact The media wants you to fear russia and the reality is russia is weak right now and is in no way shape or form a danger to us

Fin 4 months

Figure out yet putin thinks nothing but long game n using any objective to achieve it

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