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Apple might maintain the mask mandate

Apple might maintain the mask mandate

A late report states that Apple will maintain a mask mandate in its U.S. Apple Stores in spite the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which in the past few days allowed to take off their masks in most settings. Bloomberg reported this week that Apple had informed its U.S. stores that their mask mandate and covid-19-related procedures will remain in place for now.

John 0 months

No agenda. No allegiance to a particular party who also can’t ditch the mask. Nothing to see here.

Moroi 0 months

Wonder if the kids assembling their "smart" phones have to wear face masks as well...

Andrei 0 months

Just Apple being Apple, nothing new

Yankee 0 months

Surprise , surprise .

Deet 0 months

Now we know who are the woke companies

Burger 0 months

Uh oh. Que the pearl clutching maskhole brigade, streaming their tantrums from inside the store. Next we should have people outraged about the “no shoes no shirt no service” policies. Muh freedumb to walk around shirtless is bein’ infringed upon!

GUYIVKS 0 months

As if I needed any more reasons to not go to a crapple store

Vincent 0 months

Remember when Apple bragged about following the science? Good times.

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