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Walt Disney World to furlough 43,000 workers

Walt Disney World to furlough 43,000 workers

After reaching agreements with worker unions, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, will furlough 43,000 more of its unionized workers in a little more than a week. While the furloughs are set to begin Apr 19, workers will be able to keep their insurance benefits for the furlough period, or up to a year.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 4 months

Disney/ ABC is the worst they have plenty of money to pay their people but oh no the first move was to stop paying them. The budget for one "movie" would pay them all for a couple of months this is shameful.

chad joice
chad joice 4 months

This fake reporting everyone us getting paid

Patson 4 months

thanks to Facebook everybody losing their job.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 5 months

I'm surprised they employ that many people

chad joice
chad joice 5 months

Whaaaat? Speak English

Fin 5 months

Omg Florida if u thought it suxed to file for unemployment ouch..what is Disney doing for those on visa working at epcot n not able to get home nor collect on cares... U know one term Ron won't lift a finger 🖕

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