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New York’s graveyard for the unclaimed gets busy

New York’s graveyard for the unclaimed gets busy

New York has buried it’s unclaimed bodies on Hart Island since the 19th century. A body is deemed unclaimed after 14 days. During the pandemic Hart Island is burying more than 100 unclaimed bodies per week. Riker’s Island inmates have a long tradition of doing this work, and during the pandemic more are being hired. New York’s population is 19.5 million and is a pandemic epicenter.

Rhokanth 4 months

Sad but at least they get a burial, unlike China which just cremated people en masse and stuffed multiple people's ashes into one urn.

I have no idea
I have no idea 4 months

NYC has always used mass graves for unclaimed people. Not all local people who die from COVID-19 are automatically buried at this site either. For more than 150 years Hart Island has been used as a burial site for deceased people with no next of kin to claim them. They have seen an increase over the normal numbers but this has more to do with people being unwilling to claim relatives and the increased cost of cremation.

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

hope they can still vote

Christian Fairweather
Christian Fairweather 4 months

What else are they going to do with the bodies? Did people just think the bodies would just disappear

anthony 4 months

To be fair both sides tried to sensationalize this story. It was on the cover of the New York Post - a Rupert Murdoch owned rag as well as some of the left leaning media outlets. This so-called "Potters" field was used for burials long before Covid-19.

That Guy
That Guy 4 months

After I die, I don’t really care what happens to my body, money, possessions…

David Webb
David Webb 4 months

More bs gear mongering

John W
John W 4 months

Video why "mass graves for Coronavirus" is fake news.

Takoda Ackerley
Takoda Ackerley 4 months

That's sad, they should be remembered in a better way. Their lives are gone forever, they deserve better than being put to rest where no one will acknowledge them.

porcus 4 months

Looks like a scene right out of Contagion.

Pj 4 months

I wonder what chinas look like. Jest saying.

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