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Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US cross 500,000

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US cross 500,000

More than 2,000 people who tested positive for COVID-19 died across the US on Friday, taking the total number of fatalities in the country to 20,580. So far, there have been 533,115 cases recorded in the US, nearly 30% of global cases. Officials have warned that fatalities will likely peak in coming days and then start to decline. NY has recorded 181,144 cases with 8,627 deaths.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 months

I think anyone with senses knows that China has more deaths than the states

Rhokanth 7 months

Compare it to the EU, not to individual countries. Our population is 330 million.

Yoshiki 7 months

It is actually a proof of how far more advanced the US are compared to other countries. They managed to reduce testing time and accuracy everything day and in less than 2 weeks they can now perform a test in under 7 minutes with I believe over 90% accuracy, and also counts all Wuflu related deaths as Wuflu victims unlike some countries, where complications brought from it are ignored, mainly China, they don't even count people with no symptoms as confirmed cases, and only 11 days ago admitted that those people can transmit the disease, and don't even start on their test kits which is almost like a coin toss... Even the doctor leading the Chinese task force said so in an interview, that US having more confirmed cases means their system is far better.

John W
John W 7 months

60.36 million Italy population vs (2019) 328.2 million USA 5x population. 🍊🏃🤬

edwin 7 months

And the US is over.reporting deaths thanks to CDC doctrine on Coronavirus death reporting. Google 'CDC death certificate coronavirus' and one of the first links is to a doc on the CDC website for how to make death certificates during this crisis. According to that document, they don't even need a positive covid-19 test, just a reasonable guess that the person was sick. US flu and pneumonia deaths have dropped to 0 in recent weeks as well.

daryl 7 months

Denver loves houston two liars

Don'tbackNV 7 months

Wrong, China's death toll is the highest in the world. According to urnes delivered and phone subscription cancellations estimated at roughly +21 million. Also, the deaths continue there and a second wave has started though this time is even more dangerous as it will go unreported. China still hasn't reopened its borders. Chinese for the most part are still indoors for quarantine. Millions of businesses in china are gone, poof. China economy shrunk 10+% Luckin coffee (Chinas answer to starbucks) was caught hugely fudging numbers to influence stock (never trust chinese stock as its opaque unless govt internally outs you) has dissappeared. China is currently sweeping in dissentors and deporting journalists as well as tightening internet etc more than ever. At the same time the military is ramping up in the pacific to invade Taiwan and on shenzhen border in Hong Kong. Look closely fentanyl shipments will have dropped these past months especially since the border close.

Fin 7 months

Most over used word in English language... Unprecedented... No wonder news sux most can't get a sentence out n when they do e ery fourth line is using that word like it's a cure all drug...stop... It's numbing dumbing down n banal short cut...

Fin 7 months

And the testing data isn't validated due to short fast approvals... Finding false negatives... Just like first test ever used for aids... Hiv.. The first test had zip to do with aids thanks to Dr Gallo lying... Was for hairy spastic leukemia n first testing half decent gave false positives if u had yep arthritis... But least we have data growing.... So can validate accurate results... I bet the slow result return is due to questions in methodology n reagents... U all think this is gonna be like a quickly pregnant at home test... Those to not most accurate... Instant gradification isn't always possible when u are tracking a virus... Stay at home. N reduce the spread... Use the tyime yo read just how horribly hard it was to get aids into perspective n under control

One Watchable
One Watchable 7 months

Why does America always have to be number one?

Steve 7 months

Why do we worry about the number of cases? Eventually most people will get this. Is anyone surprised by this? It's a very easily transmitted virus.

Fin 7 months

That is bout one every fifty seconds.... Don't dar toss out apples to oranges grim reaper counts comparing to the flu... No even remotely the same thing.... Flu never takes that many at once

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 7 months

The US has a population 5 and half time larger than Italy's.

shawn 7 months

2020 American holocaust

Fin 7 months

Now since this is current fact.... What will u do to stop spreading the virus... N what will we learn to advance the science required medically to stop the deaths... Do you part so lives have not been lost in vain.. The survivors of those lost really need us to honor them by stepping up and helping in whatever way u can... It is imperative.. Action not talk.. kindness n compassion.. Not politics and bs.. Facts and science not opinionated kinda maybe should a crap... Every case entering er is a moment to learn the lab markers n non fab pharmacy regimen.. Better grasp the basics about a super rage body immune response before valid clinical yes no... There are clear clinical markers labs in hospitals are finding that let those docs and nurses have the clinical picture without a positive test... Dr brixt was one of the best in putting this together in aids crisis b fore we had a valid test.. Three yrs before... N she used every skill to hold off kliebsellia pnuemonia on aids patients... She is on point n knows this virus is just as sneaky wicked as hiv is... Pay attention n do what she is asking u to do... Who dug up those Abbott 2000 analyzers she asked you to look for lab ppl in some store room forgotten n dusty... Need em pulled out n qc Ed n fire em up..I bet some big military army bases have a few down at the dep meds stations far in back storage.. I know they do since we used em in boxes hooked up on must... Mobil unit self transportable.. That came from the damn Vietnam War twenty years back... The army tosses nothing out

IIzard 7 months

Per capita?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

That Chinese virus is just ravaging the globe. I really hope they are actually held responsible for this mess.

William 7 months


unvoided 7 months

Cough *china*

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