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A woman files criminal complaint against Joe Biden over sexual assault

A woman files criminal complaint against Joe Biden over sexual assault

A criminal complaint was filed against Joe Biden, accusing him of sexually assaulting a woman in 1993. Tara Reade, who worked for Biden as a Senate staffer, claims he pushed her against the wall in a Senate corridor and penetrated her with his fingers. She first made these complaints a month ago and decided to do so to make sure that ’powerful men’ are held responsible for their actions.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Reinhard 7 months

Any person who comes out with sexual assult charges 20 years or more after the incident against a major political candidate (regardless left or right) is in my opinion not credible.

O'Brien 7 months

Wow. Can I get Leftist source on this? Apparently it’s not news in TDS world.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 7 months

I'm not gonna revel in this, and wait for due process to take its course, however I will say the fact she's made a criminal complaint already makes her more credible than Kavanaughs accuser. That said, I'm pretty sure that orange haired lunatic made a criminal complaint about Trump and even Anderson Cooper couldn't take her seriously.

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 7 months

It's now only fair to rake Joe Biden over the coals, same as how they did to Kavanagh. Although in that case, it was fabricated lies from the start, while in this case, its hard not to believe the case, given how the father and the son are both kind of slimy little pricks.

Jason 7 months

This is the new norm for politics. Man moves 1 step closer to power, allegations fly. What was once a significant accusation is now just a standard political move. Someday victims wont any justice at all. We will all be so numb to these things.

Don'tbackNV 7 months

I Ain't saying she's a gold digger, but Joe Biden is a hair sniffer

Wenyon 7 months

So this means that, in the hall is the Senate building, Joe was actually able to ‘finger’ this woman with no one noticing. Really? Not credible to me, unless I have more details and corroboration.

Sirax 7 months

Looks like Biden already failed his job interview #beliveallwamen

Hazy and smokey
Hazy and smokey 7 months

It's ok. I'm sure he grabbed the pussy. Np. He'll be exonerated in a couple weeks.

IIzard 7 months

Pony soldier.

asKaren 7 months

My only question is, why now. As a woman, if I am assaulted or raped, either I going to press charges when it happens or, due to fear and embarrassment I'm going to keep it quiet and bury it. But the last thing I am going to do is wait until someone becomes very very public, and then press charges and tell my story. Smells extremely fishy. Where do these women hide, that jump out every time a man is running for something? Just too convenient.

A Stable Genius lol
A Stable Genius lol 7 months

Of course she couldn’t come out about it 3 months ago...this is all for Trump...god help us all if he gets re-elected

Daniel 7 months

When Al Franken was accused of impropriety, he was asked to step down even though he has since been vindicated off wrong doing. I do not see how the DNC can continue to support Joe Biden in the same situation.

chad joice
chad joice 7 months

1993 really ?

Linda 7 months

I wonder how much the criminal pubtards are paying her for this. Why didn’t she come out when he was running for Vice President. just more trump lies.

_tallman 7 months

They're really going for that brokered convention, huh? What a perfect opportunity for Cuomo...

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

It's interesting to see the double standards in reporting.

Carol 7 months

Where do "all" these white women come from after men gain status or become great; where was their voice before?!! Makes you wonder "who or what" put them up to this? And for what end?

Brandon 7 months

I did not have sex with that woman.

Fin 7 months

An operative for some pac

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