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NASA satellite sees air pollution drop over northeastern US

NASA satellite sees air pollution drop over northeastern US

Data from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on NASA’s Aura satellite shows less air pollution over the Northeast United States in March 2020 compared to average values for the month of March between 2015 and 2019.

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One Watchable 4 months


Paul 4 months

It's amazing how quickly the Earth can right itself once our influence is mitigated. Imagine if we could just commit to a few changes based on what we are seeing.

Rocky 4 months

I love how this pandemic has exposed how unscientific and fake the climate change conspiracy theorists really are. I love how it shows how temporary and minor our impact is that it can be erased by just a few weeks of staying home, but according to them it took over a hundred years for us to wreck it so completely. Hahaha try selling that bull now when we see the "destruction" wiped away in a blink of an eye.

wyseeit 4 months

And it's downright clear over North Korea.

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