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Assange got engaged, had two kids while in embassy

Assange got engaged, had two kids while in embassy

As per a report, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange fathered two children with one of his lawyers while holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London. Assange is father to two boys, born to South African-born lawyer Stella Morris. The couple have allegedly been engaged since 2017. Assange is being held in a London prison as he fights an extradition request by the US.

Mozgus 4 months

Ew. He procreated. Only villains do that.

Fin 4 months

A scum bag... A private operator to highest bidder scumbag...

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 4 months

now those kids get to grow up without a father when he rots in prison

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 months

This nice to know he had a life despite authoritarian censorship of America and UK trying to stop it

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 4 months

Why is this news?

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 months

Well... Probably want much else to do, being stuck there for so long.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 4 months

Surely that's a conflict of interest for the lawyer and professionally a little dodgy?

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