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Electronic wristbands proposed for S. Koreans who break quarantine

Electronic wristbands proposed for S. Koreans who break quarantine

The South Korean government said Saturday it plans to strap electronic wristbands on people who defy self-quarantine orders. A senior Health Ministry official acknowledged privacy and civil liberty concerns surrounding the wristbands, while stressing on the needs to have in place more effective monitoring tools. The wristbands will be enforced through police and local authorities.

Bart 4 months

Why not just shoot them on sight, I mean it's all heading that way it seems.

plastic African
plastic African 4 months

Awe I was hoping for yellow stars!

Alex 4 months

Juat round them up in "isolation camps"...😬

6Million$Mansplainer 4 months

For the good of the people of course.

Michael 4 months

Really trying to see how far they can push the population in all countries not just Korea step by step until the people push back and when they push back it will be millions in every country and unstoppable so keep doing what your doing and enjoy the result you earned it

Leviathan 4 months

WOW! South Korea just became like North Korea! A totalitarian socialist/communist dictatorship! And all it took to achieve that goal was a virus Made in China!

Colin 4 months

Sounds very totalitarian if you ask me

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting 4 months

You've got to wonder if this is really about a virus anymore . . .

eclipseNF 4 months


Peter 4 months

Question: How much VOLTAGE does the band deliver upon breakage of quarantine? And at what AMPERAGE?

TAP 4 months

But South Korea is a democracy. .. At least that's what the leftists told me.

.Tet. 4 months

South Korea passed legislation to combat the spread by making it illegal to break quarantine. This is essentially an ankle monitor. I don't see why people are surprised that govts of other countries are able to do this. By American standards, it's a gross thing to see. It seems like South Korea, among other countries, will come out of this outbreak with a better understanding as to how America views Civil Liberties, and why we view it the way that we do. I honestly figured that covid-19 was going to be like that alien invasion trope: where humans of all factions team up, and put aside their differences, in order to face a threat/evil that threatens the entire human population. I never would have guessed that certain governments like China (not talking about s.korea) would end up trying to take advantage of this situation to make things worse.

anthony 4 months

And so tracking begins in a western style democracy no less.... and so maybe the conspiracy theorists who theorized that this was possible one day aren't as crazy as we originally thought. Maybe. And where will we put all the quarantine violators and possible carriers.... I know.... Fema Camps! No! No! This can't happen in America! It must be me.... with a bad case of cabin fever. Maybe.

Lev 4 months

Bravo South Korea, I have a suggestion to improve this idea: add GPS fencing that if crossed triggers electric shock every 20 seconds, and it notifies police where the moron is when being shocked. Just to clarify I'm not trying to be sarcastic.

NotACerealKiller 4 months

These are just house arrest bands. The police use them all the time. The post says it's only for people who have been caught ignoring lockdown rules, so I don't really see an issue.

Fin 4 months

There goal is to keep it out n down out of the world's second largest city... Tisnt USA n they will do what they must... They are not f ING kidding around...

Commodore 4 months

Thanks Obama!

Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL
Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL 4 months

Electric? Wanna fry them? How about electronic wristbands instead.. smh

DikotamousRex 4 months


John 4 months


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