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Fauci: Gradual rollback of restrictions could ’probably’ start next month

Fauci: Gradual rollback of restrictions could ’probably’ start next month

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that some parts of the US could possibly begin rolling back restrictions as early as next month, but cautioned that it is not going to happen all at once. ’It’s going to be depending where you are in the country, the nature of the outbreak that you’ve already experienced, and the threat of an outbreak that you may not have experienced.’

TheMadDane 5 months

That's about enough out of you, Doc.

Carol 5 months

Nope! Risking our lives in order for Trump to get re-elected...not happening!!

GreenMachine 5 months

I'll put in devil's advocate here. You can't stay inside indefinitely. Business are being decimated. Jobs are at low that I haven't seen even in the last recession. Im starting to notice a slow in supply chains. Shelves are staying bare longer. Eventually depression will start taking ppl out. What happens when parents are at theft point of losing homes? There's a lot of ppl who are more than willing to risk infection to get back to work and get some food on the table, do something productive with themselves. They longer this goes the more ppl get restless. What happens when they start cracking?

IvoryDove 5 months

Let's not elevate Fauci beyond that of an elected official. He's overseen multiple administrations of failure to prepare for a bio-weapon being dropped on our nation (and the world) disguised as an "inadvertent pandemic".

Patty 5 months

I don't think social distancing measures should be removed until the USA has seen a decline in cases for at least 30 days. Some places might have reached their peak or are near their peak, they could open up sooner than other places but only if the number of new cases declines by at least half over a 30 day period. We also need more testing and contact tracing to identify infected people with and without symptoms to stop the spread. Those people must be tested, quarantined and treated. But because we don't know who may be asymptomatic the need for testing nearly everyone is critical, until we get a vaccine.

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