News Windows 10 upgrade can brick users PCs

News Windows 10 upgrade can brick users PCs

As per reports, Windows 10 users have been handed another update blow as a patch from Microsoft threatens to bricking users PCs. Just recently Windows 10 users were warned about an unpatched security vulnerability that affected all versions of the OS. And now the problem is with Microsoft’s new KB4541335 Windows update. Some users reported the download has ’bricked’ their machines.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 months

Bought a MacBook last year and I've really been enjoying it. I'm considering turning my Windows desktop into a Hackintosh.

OmegaDMM 1 months

Just get yourself Windows 10 LTSC if you must have windows. Otherwise some Linux distros can and do operate same or better than windows and if you need some win binary support you can install WINE fairly easily. I know ZORIN OS will automatically start installing wine if it sees you trying to run a windows binary. Not all Linux OSes will do that but some others I have seen do that as well. LTSC only does security updates so nothing borks plus it is way more barebones.

F G 1 months

Isn't win10 pure spyware? Why are people still using this?

tenoclock 1 months

Guys just lookup how to turn off the Spyware on windows 10. Simple program will help you get rid of it all.

Lev 1 months

Read my lips people: L. I. N. U. X.

TheCurrentModality 1 months

On Linux right now, don't know why people still use these giant Corporation spyware OS. Mac is basically a Linux distro at this point anyway. Microsoft is on it's way to being the same thing.

Larry 1 months

I went to Linux right after I bought a laptop with Vista business on it. Learning curve wasn't that bad at all.

Indo 1 months

U know stuff like this always happens with MS. They were really bad when Billy boy was still freaking out at MS. And now again !!

Kai 1 months

I'm running Win7, with security starting BEFORE the router. I'll wait until Micro$oft releases a viable OS; there's a true "Windows-replacement" Linux distro available; or another working OS is created. NO CrApple products for me!

Dank Duck
Dank Duck 1 months

Research how to turn off windows updates. You will have to follow multiple ways simultaneously (single method tends to not work, trust me I tried). Through group policy, cmd, services, task scheduler, and even reg eddit. You can disable the "update and restart" button from ever appearing again. I had to do it after MS restarted and messed up my system without my permission, leading to me losing data. Get a couple of good malware scanners installed and live stress free for years from any disruptions from Microsoft.

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