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Fauci says US ’could have saved lives’ with earlier action

Fauci says US ’could have saved lives’ with earlier action

Anthony Fauci told CNN that the US ’could have saved lives’ if it had introduced measures to stop Covid-19 earlier. ’...obviously, if we had right from the very beginning shut everything down, it may have been a little bit different.’ Fauci also confirmed an NYT report which suggested that he and other health officials made calls for social distancing in February, but ’there was a lot of pushback’

William Eblen
William Eblen 7 months

If we put on thermal goggles and gunned people down on site for running a fever there would have been no covid deaths.

CommanderVaasDC 7 months

Dr fauci at 3:30 and forward telling jim acosta that the US acted early, so now what?

.Tet. 7 months

Also Fauci gave a sensible statement as a reply to something and this article description isnt covering why he said it.

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