Lies regarding coronavirus spread by Russia and China: Pentagon

Lies regarding coronavirus spread by Russia and China: Pentagon

Foreign attempts, particularly by Russia were outlined by the US Defense Department officials regarding the spread of disinformation regarding the novel coronavirus disease. The statement was given out after claims were made recently by Russia that handwashing does not prevent the spread of the virus.

Viacheslav 1 months

Interesting there are no official statements by the Russian government that would say such nonsense. You can accuse the Kremlin for being reluctant domestically to combat the virus and to impose strict quarantine and to facilitate tax burden and to redistribute funds among businesses and the citizens. But not this no wash fuzz.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 months

"You can't treat it like an old-fashion whack-a-mole ... and try to dispute every single piece of information, especially on COVID-19; there [are] so many," Cooper said. The best course is to expose the most egregious claims but also focus on educating the public on the truth, she explained. so kind of like they have to treat the fake news US media.

Fin 1 months

Gee anyone shocked.. While they lie the regular citizens beneath their yoke suffer.... N have suffered for centuries

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

More than one source. Also "" doesn't seem very newsy to me.

frank 1 months

Need more than one source 😬

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