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New online grocery orders being ’paused’ by Amazon

New online grocery orders being ’paused’ by Amazon

Amazon announced on Sunday that it would put new grocery delivery customers on a wait list and would also curtail shopping hours at some Whole Foods stores. This, the company said, was being done in order to prioritize orders from existing customers who are buying food online during the coronavirus outbreak.

StayStrappedOrGetClapped 5 months

This article is wrong though. I've been ordering my groceries through Amazon fresh for two years and I haven't been able to place an order for a month. So I'm not seeing a continuation of service for existing customers 🤔

TheCurrentModality 5 months

It is time to invest heavily in delivery. Perhaps the oppurtunity has already passed, but the days of milling about among the infected may be over. I am in favor. It means more jobs, and less forced platitudes when runn across a casual aquatance.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months

Diversity in the market place seems to have been over looked....i wonder why?

Charles 5 months

Need to take of the current loyal customers. There will be time later to build on new customers

Julia Grammer
Julia Grammer 5 months

All I wanted from Amazon 'Fresh' was some toilet paper, but the persistent lack of 'delivery slots' made it impossible to actually order even though they had stock. Like why the hell does a non-perishable, non-food item like TP need a timed delivery slot, whereas I can order bloody vitamins and have them in a few days no problem?

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