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Coronavirus vaccine could be ready as early as September, according to scientist

Coronavirus vaccine could be ready as early as September, according to scientist

Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, says that she is ’80% confident’ a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by her team will work. She said that human trials of the vaccine are set to take place within the next fortnight, and added that having something ready by the autumn is ’just about possible if everything goes perfectly’.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 7 months

We can't wait that long. Got to restart the economy before we get even more dependent on Big Brother. I'd honestly rather people be out there with gloves and masks than home and unemployed.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months

Great news

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 7 months

This isn't good, if we stop Corona people will start dying from Influenza AND Pneumonia again.

Dave 7 months

Only problem is that a vaccine isn't a cure. Lots of people are going to die before then and a those who survive will have the antibodies already. It'll be good for people next year, when "corona season" comes around. Still, better than nothing, hope it goes well.

Dan 7 months

Bill Gates the vaccine salesman has his money in it no doubt. I wouldn't trust anything anymore from the corrupt vaccine industry. Money isn't made by making you healthy. Better believe there will be something in the vaccine to make you sick 10 to 20 years from now.

Indo 7 months

Everyone take a deep n breath n hold it for the longest time. They'll tell us when to take the next breath.

Fin 7 months

Big money gonna be made.. Hopefully it will be as successful as polio n small pox n tb n measles. Vacs

Skot 7 months

Big Pharma, the real hero once again!!!

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 7 months

If they can't get a vaccine for all the other strains of Corona virus, what makes makes them think they can get one now?

Fin 7 months

I wonder if any Dr's are or have modified The INSURE Method usually used on premi babies in rds who can't be ventilated to replace the surfactant covid destroys.. Can it be adapted for adults.. Thus not needing to further risk venting... So much to write about to revolutionize treating pts afflicted with rds once they all can decompress process n have a moment to heal emotionally.... Gonna need lots of support... As are loved ones left behind... A devastating shocking set of losses

Fin 7 months

How many if u make it in correctly without solid trial will get gulliane barrette syndrome... U know that's possible.... Do it right n do it safely.... I grew up where they gave out the first swine flu vaccine as a test on us in public school back in seventies... Ten kids out of my tiny town.... Paralyzed with gb. Three never fully recovered... N then when they dosed Indiana Stat fair goers. U had several deaths... Don't push crap on the public til u have the full clinical picture

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 7 months

Anti-vaxxer movement will be massive. I reckon it will flood media coverage when a vaccine is created.

a commoner
a commoner 7 months

Right now all we can do is hope that this is true. I do hope this is true and not sunshine and smoke being blown up our butts

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