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White House: President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci

White House: President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci

The White House Monday dismissed the media speculation about whether Trump might be thinking of firing Anthony Fauci as ’ridiculous’ and stated that ’Dr. Fauci has been and remains a trusted adviser to President Trump’. Trump on Sunday retweeted a former Republican congressional candidate’s tweet that was critical of comments Fauci made in a CNN interview and contained a call for his firing.

Tiktator 5 months

You mean the media created this entire issue? I'm shocked 😲 this is my shocked face.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months

"but but but Trump retweeted something!" - MSM

a commoner
a commoner 5 months

He did a good job in that conference shutting down the negative coverage. Fauci also did a great job shutting down a reporter who was obviously trying to put a negative spin toward Trump on his statements.

EnervatedSociety 5 months

Well played. I would have done the same thing in his shoes.

Leon 5 months

Trump went full unhinged tonight. That press conference was an absolute travesty. It was like watching a toddler throwing a tantrum in the cereal aisle. I feel sorry for any sane, moderate American having to put up with that nonsense. That is NOT a world leader.

Jon 5 months

That was the most insane briefing I have ever seen. Forcing Fauci to go out and do damage control for what he said and then playing a campaign ad during the briefing!! WTF🤦‍♂️ He slept 45 mins going on a full ou TV Hannity style triggered rage rant. Just imagine if Obama played a campaign ad during a pandemic briefing with dramatic music and everything.

Fin 5 months

Spats happen specially u have a pandemic... N then a economical crisis necessary to cool down n solve pandemic... N do forget.. Being a human.. The president lost a personal friend.. To this damn virus... Thus could be he is doubly pissed off... For a variety of reasons... It will be worked out.. Herds of pressure up there lives depend g on right moves... Perfect timing... N not much room for a quiet moment to mourn a lost friend.... And I am no Trumper... Not making excuses for him.... Just detest the constant cheap shots by both sides as we forget our leaders are human n get thrust into events that demand focus tireless focus on manyany many tasks to save many lives sick n in economical distress... Yes he still pisses me off but I want him to succeed containing the virus... N getting us back to work

Boo 5 months

This is like a town hall meeting. Interesting. Donald giving it to the stuck up press. Love it!

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 4 months

We as a people need to break up this media mogul domination. 6 people run ALL US Media well over 90% They are the enemy of the people

Indo 4 months

Please excuse them they are running out of good news. Play on news folks. Don't worry be happy.

Adam 4 months

SHOCKER! Trump says/does something dumb but walks it back later so people can call real news, fake news. Helps muddy the waters of his ongoing scandles.

Nate 5 months

We will see. Because this guy talks one thing at this hour then another thing on next hour. So we will see

G 4 months

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