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AOC calls Biden’s Medicare olive branch ’almost insulting’

AOC calls Biden’s Medicare olive branch ’almost insulting’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an interview said that Joe Biden needs to do more to convince the ’progressive wing’ of the party to make them rally behind him, and said that his idea of lowering the Medicare age to 60 is ’insulting’ as, she said, Hillary Clinton had proposed to lower it to 50. ’So we’re talking about a progressive concession that is 10 years worse than what the nominee had in 2016.’

Fin 6 months

No AoChe... Ur masquerading as a congresswoman is insulting.....

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

How shitty of a job must it be to have to report on the verbal diarrhea that pours from AOC's mouth?

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 6 months

The fact you have a degree in economics and unironically said "unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs" is insulting to everyone who has studied at college, particularly those studying economics.

Doug 6 months

Biden's Medicare60 will do nothing for millenials, nowhere close to #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll. Not incidentally, UN WHO has 2030 goal of #UniversalHealthCoverage

Arthur 6 months

a.o.c 's lack of intellegnce is insulting to everyone !

John W
John W 6 months

AOC is the biggest fake in history.

6Million$Mansplainer 6 months

She doesn't even know what a olive branch looks like. Olives for Martinis she knows.

Paul N
Paul N 6 months

Why the democrats haven’t split into 2 different parties is beyond me. Like in Canada. Conservatives, liberals and far left NDP. The democrats are two parties with no direction.

Indo 6 months

Democracy or just democrazy. It's like that when everyone decides to be a critic. Without proper reasoning it's just plain crazy not crazy.

riheg 6 months

Shes a traitor to her cause. First protesting the stimulus bill aka corporate robbery which transfers money from taxpayers to old investors (Rather than new investors who would invest in bankrupt and reorganized companies) who also invested in politics, then voting for it along with Sanders

Aldomuz 6 months

The "progressive wing" as it's called, makes up 8% of America's total population. Makes you wonder why this minuscule faction is so pandered to though.

O'Brien 6 months

Isn’t Biden better off if the “Squad” DON’T rally behind him?

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 6 months

Why would Joe Biden to more to gain the support of progressives? If 2019 taught us anything in politics, it's going too far left alienates voters. The centrist vote is decisive.

IIzard 6 months

Lol, he doesn't even know what day it is

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