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30 food workers die of COVID-19, union raises concerns of distancing and PPE

30 food workers die of COVID-19, union raises concerns of distancing and PPE

The United Food and Commercial Workers labor union says 30 workers in the grocery, meatpacking and food-processing industries have died from COVID-19 and about 3,000 are sick because the shoppers don’t maintain social distancing while shopping and litter stores with used masks and gloves. The union called authorities to require grocery workers to wear PPE and call on customers to wear masks.

Robert_Clearwater 7 months

This sounds to me like two things happening at the same time: 1) people always leave shit behind, humans are litter bugs for the most part. I doubt there's been an increase of trash, it's just changed from cups and circulars to used gloves and masks, it's gross but wear your own gloves you gigantic pussy, and 2) unions are always looking for something to fuss about. Any little thing that even so much as "feels" bad, any increase in responsibilities or shrinkage of compensation leaves union members writhing in pain. TLDR people were litter bugs before coronatime, unions suck.

Pj 7 months

Create a pick list, stop coustomers from entering the store, and when thier order is filled they can come and pick it up

Fin 7 months

Need better limits on number in store at once... N yep there are ppl out who don't give a damn about others... Same ones dumping gloves toss litter out of car windows

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