Amash teases possibility of third-party presidential bid

Amash teases possibility of third-party presidential bid

Rep. Justin Amash has said he’s looking ’closely’ at a third-party presidential bid. Amash, an Independent, who left the Republican Party last July, made the announcement shortly after he blasted President Trump’s remarks of having ’total’ authority over states. Amash called the remarks as ’flat-out wrong’. ’Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option,’ he tweeted.

Blaeingr 1 months

Who? What is your relevance? BTW if you're "challenging Trump" then you're also challenging Biden and anyone else on the ballot.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 months

Ok mr irrelevant.

Scott 1 months

Classic Trump. Say something over the top to get people/states to follow the Constitution, the 10th amendment.

Change Matters
Change Matters 1 months

I'm in 4 Amash #smashwithamash

Tommy Rotten
Tommy Rotten 1 months

Good the more the better! #neverbidenbernieortrump #nomoreidiots

Stephen 1 months

So he'll take away from the dems... go ahead jackleg, nobody likes a quitter!

Enigmatic 1 months

Once again, the media is out misinterpreting and misrepresenting information. I'm convinced the media ask these specific questions with the direct intent for them to result in chaos and clear partisan politics. It's simple, the American economy has to reopen at some point; and at this same point, the government's biggest challenge will be a tremendously difficult one, balancing the ills of the coronavirus while keeping the economy alive. It's clear these two key things will require a unique merging approach, it won't or can't be a universal stick. As stated by trump and his team, they will take this information in a guided approach from the technical specialists, all that's required is just for Americans to work together and move forward. It makes no sense to to be entangled in who holds 'absolute power', that's a distinct waste of time for the American people when they're at a most vulnerable point

Daniel 1 months

Most likely not voting for him, but I can respect that he called out Trump and the GOP on their dishonesty knowing he had nothing to gain from doing so.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 1 months

Lmao no Trump voter would even consider Amash. I don’t think this is relavent at all.

soapy 1 months

Yes! The republicans deserve an alternative. It will free so many of them to express their honest dissent from trump, create an opposition coalition, and ultimately have a necessary debate about blind faith.

DJ7StringGuitar 1 months

He'll never gain any significant support. It'll be even less than the so called third parties

Jon 1 months

Do it!! That would be a nice way to peel off the Republican version of Bernie bros ie Republicans who cant stomach Trump anymore but wouldn't vote for a Democrat.

yooper 1 months

Check the law, all states declared a National Emergency, that gives Trump the authority. I think he's been very effective working with the Governors, but if the Governor of Michigan keeps writing idiotic Executive Orders, I hope President Trump Raines her in.

Alex Stovall
Alex Stovall 1 months

They don’t give a shit about limited government when it comes to corporate bailouts and big bank bailouts.....

Wholly 1 months

Dude, wait until he is gone and THEN step up. We need an option when we no longer have him. I would like to think you're a strong moderate option to the political status quo, but never trumping is NOT the smart way to get there. Wait your turn and you might find willing support. It's not like Romney is a viable option

anthony 1 months

I love dissent particularly when it comes from the two major parties. If Bernie wasn't such a fraud this is what he should have done.

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 1 months


Katharine 1 months

I love Independents

Property 1 months

He will just be helping the democrats. It will be bull moose all over again

jean Claude
jean Claude 1 months

He has no chance sorry

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