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Private island off Florida buys thousands of coronavirus tests

Private island off Florida buys thousands of coronavirus tests

Fisher Island, a luxury private island located off Miami, has purchased thousands of rapid COVID-19 blood test kits from the University of Miami Health System. The private island made a deal with the hospital system to produce the test kits for its more than 800 families, employees who maintain the property and those who patrol its streets. Only one percent of Florida has been tested for COVID-19.

H 7 months

Shouldn't be allowed if there's a shortage. If grocery stores can limit how many rolls of TP you can buy at once, then they should have same restrictions as everyone else in regards to test kits. If they can afford it they should put the same amount of money into replacement kits.

Carol 7 months


Indo 7 months

Ah we learn now where the superich are. And of course which superich would wanna risk it. You suppose them superich are scared stiff. It's common for superich. Fear drives the superich to do anything at any time.

jason 7 months

This could possibly be surprising? We see this same behavior in ever facet of life. What will surprise me is the day when we all stand up and say NO MORE.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 7 months

wtf man? It always bothered me that elitists get this sort of privilege. I know, money talks, but that one aspect of this world I cant stand sometimes.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 7 months

Is anyone really shocked? Money has always created inequality despite what may be fair socially, this just another depressing example.

Fin 7 months

Just plain wrong.. This is y. Reg folks detest certain types of the rich... Systemic greed n notice a socialism approach to protect their status n wealth...

Fin 7 months

How many on th island have memberships at marolargo golf. Resort.....

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