Amazon sacks staffers who criticized warehouse working conditions

Amazon sacks staffers who criticized warehouse working conditions

Amazon has sacked two of its staff who criticized the company’s treatment of warehouse workers during the Covid-19 crisis. The company has confirmed that Emily Cunningham & Maren Costa were fired for ’repeatedly violating internal company policies.’ The move also follows a tweet from Cunningham saying that working conditions put warehouse staff at risk of getting infected.

filchface 1 months

The fact that I can’t purchase groceries after 6PM, walk my dog in the park or surf an empty beach, but Amazon is allowed to stay open, so I can receive an electric eraser and label maker (yes, I did yesterday) is highly suspicious and unreasonable. These workers should be compensated and protected. $10M towards globe warming? How about try : restricting the plastic used on products you ship around the world and take care of your employees, you oligarch?

I have no idea
I have no idea 1 months

Good. Amazon has one of the highest base pays of any organization with strong health care and benefits built in. They keep getting these nut job employees that want to destroy the company despite that.

Joe 1 months

Amazon is a garbage tier company that treats its employees like scum and their fearless leader uses his vast revenue to fund “progressive” left wing propaganda. The only people not on the worker’s side in this story are boomers and lolbertarians. Both of which are the worst kind of people.

Politicians are Hacks
Politicians are Hacks 1 months

Our country has become filled with self serving, over privileged, entitled citizens. It frustrates me how weak people are these days.

Just Jenn
Just Jenn 1 months

I'm not a huge fan of Amazon as a company and how I've heard they treat their employees. However, if they actually did break company policies multiple times as Amazon states they did, they really got themselves fired... you can't just refuse to abide by company rules and expect to keep your job. Especially the one man who violated his paid quarantine to come back and organize a protest... that definitely wasn't in the interest of keeping his coworkers safe.

daryl 1 months

Lazy loser

Mutatis 1 months

Meh, this looks like a couple of known climate activists simply grasped onto a new, not to mention more popular, thing to try and get their coworkers to rally around. That being said, they probably guaranteed their removal once they started talking about 'organizing', as that is an overt buzzword for any company that does not want to deal with unions. Edit: It should also be noted that none of these articles seem to list any specific health failures by Amazon, in regards to the 'criticism' levied by the two activists.

Bart 1 months

The corporations are getting out of hand these days. One would think they have all the power over the government. Or that they want Chinese working environment in every country.

Carol 1 months

Not right when we have a "pandemic," I guess $$ is more important than employees?!?

DivineDawn 1 months

My Manager does this if you criticise him he suspended a staff member minutes after that staff member told him he didn't pull his weight and was to pc etc. We don't expect the guy back be nice if he wins tho

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