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Zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others

Zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others

A zoo director in Germany has warned that some animals might soon have to be fed to others, if the zoo is to survive. ’We’ve listed the animals we’ll have to slaughter first’, Neumünster Zoo’s director said. With no visitors, including over the Easter weekend, or for the foreseeable future, zoos are struggling to afford to feed and care for their animals.

O'Brien 4 months

Das Hunger Games.

.Tet. 4 months

This is to be expected. Releasing them into the wild would be detrimental. Also I'm surprised this article is coming out of Germany, since they're handling the virus better than the rest of the world.. Including us in the US.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 4 months

That's the circle of life!

fish 4 months

Tiger King Joe Exotic would agree!

William Fakenamington
William Fakenamington 4 months

Coming from someone who lives in the same state, about 30 miles away from Neumünster: This town is a weird mixture of Trenton, NJ and the State of Flordia. It combines absolute boringness with craziness in a way even I dont fully understand.

dennis 4 months

Can we slaughter those who are not creative enough to find solutions for these poor animals?!

La Espada
La Espada 4 months

*The Circle of life activated*

WWG1WGA 4 months

That's the way it should be. I'd goto the zoo all the time if I could see nature at work up close instead of just pets in cages

IIzard 4 months

They're only as good as the world allows them to be

Chris 4 months

Such a shame we can't send all the roadkill from Tasmania to them.

BumperCar 4 months

Damn... This is depressing...

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 months


Rational ific
Rational ific 4 months

What the hell? It shows how zoos are simply out for the money. F preservation.

Manuel 4 months


marcus aurelius
marcus aurelius 4 months

Understandable, but still messed up.

Rhokanth 4 months

Throw in the politicians that sold their stocks.

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