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Twitter suspends politician for saying ’a man cannot get pregnant’

Twitter suspends politician for saying ’a man cannot get pregnant’

Twitter temporarily suspended a Spanish politician’s account last week after he tweeted that ’a man cannot get pregnant’ because they have ’no uterus or eggs.’ The comments from Francisco José Contreras came in response to an article he shared about a transgender male who announced they were a father after giving birth to a baby girl. He was told he’d violated the platform’s ’hate speech’ rules.

Jack K
Jack K 4 weeks

This is beyond a joke at this point. Twitter is a danger to freedom of speech and maintains a ideological delusion that is infecting society. Twitter is not real life.

Stefnir 4 weeks

I mean he's not wrong.

Hypnotica 4 weeks

So according to leftwing "science," the human race can survive entirely without women, now that "real men" can get pregnant and have babies? Do I have it correct? Remember lefties, if you say no, you are violating hate speech laws, at least those of Twitter. Maybe soon the Government's laws as well.

eclipseNF 4 weeks

Ahahahahahaha that's what you get bigot *laughs in hebrew* 🤡🌎

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 4 weeks

And that’s why I don’t waste my time on Twatter. Besides I’m too busy applying for my pension, social security and Medicare since I’ve decided that I now identify as a 67 year old. Go ahead and tell me I can’t….

Rocky 3 weeks

Well of course a man can't get pregnant.🤦🏽‍♂️ Never could , never will. Are we going to get banned for every obvious observation now a days? Next it will be people banned for saying the sun is hot.

Máté 4 weeks

But he wasn't just sayin that men cannot get pregnant. That would be the case if he just tweeted the message without context. But he commented this on an article, so he obviously wasn't trying to educate the world on biology. From context it is obvious that his comment means that the person in the article isn't a man. I guess the commenters I saw here won't have a different opinion about the whole thing, but why misunderstand something on purpose?

Faittastic 4 weeks

How has humanity gone from 2 world wars possibly a 3rd in the making and in tbe 22nd century we can't accept the basic biology of the human body. 🤡🌐

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 weeks

U thought they always screech trust the science 🤔 . A MAN can NEVER become pregnant. No matter how many surgeries you have you can not have the penis balls removed then have philopian tunes installed a uterus then some how for a symbiotic pouch. Someones fantasy inside their head will NEVER change you DNA. If yo''re confused get a DNA test it will be 100% correct if yo''re a MALE or female.

JustMy.02 3 weeks

The report went on to say Francisco was also overheard saying “Water is wet” Burn him at the stake!

Darren 4 weeks

So the left have twitter and the right has .....

d3m0n0gr4ph1c 3 weeks

Time to nationalize these companies so they have to respect the bill of rights. Social media is functionally the public square now. Private entities have no place enforcing speech.

Alex 3 weeks

There comes a point where I’m going to have to demand that a victim be presented before accusing someone of being offensive because this just looks like bull.

Chad 3 weeks

I hate baited headlines like this. You read it and get all worked up think "wtf, Twitter". Then you actually read the article and realize there is a lot more to it and that this person was basically being a meanie on purpose. Then you get conflicted emotions because the wind was taken out of your sails and you can't be quite as pompous as you wanted to be a minute ago. Harumph.

Alessandro 4 weeks

Tweeter is a private service and they can do whatever they want, but they are going too far into the censorship direction. Also a newspaper might do the same, but if they start losing audience, they should stay making themselves some questions

Kurt 4 weeks

The Left hates science.

Patrick 4 weeks

I have the Twitter app installed on my phone. Talk about a liberal agenda campaign tool. I'm deleting it today. Pure garbage.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 weeks


BlunderingFool 4 weeks

“And they called me insane, for they were all mad whilst I was not.”

Phoenix 4 weeks

But a man cannot get pregnant...

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