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Burr sold townhouse for $900K to lobbyists

Burr sold townhouse for $900K to lobbyists

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Burr, previously under the scanner for selling shares ahead of the market crash following COVID-19 briefings, is now reported to have sold a townhouse to lobbyists. Burr sold his Washington, D.C., townhouse in 2017 to a team led by lobbyist for $900,000, which as per estimates was tens of thousands of dollars above market value. The sale was off-market.

bostonboy 7 months

As much as I want the swamp drained, selling a townhouse over value was very common in 2017. He sold a townhouse in one of the most in demand regions in the country for 10% over value, around the same time we sold my grandmother’s house for 20% over asking in a less desirable area. Now with that said Barr selling off stocked because of insider knowledge on covid is probably illegal or at least pretty scummy.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 months

The swamp runs deep

Highlander 7 months

This is why we should have term limits for congress as well the presidency. Any sniff of corruption should be investigated by a bipartisan committee of judges outside of the supreme court. No senator or Congress person should be allowed to vote on a committee in which they or their family are likely to profit. For example, Pelosi sat on a committee which decided that certain banks would be given a billion dollar bail out when her husband had a huge amount of shares in that bank.

Burn 7 months

Lock him up.

Fin 7 months

One crooked good Ole boy...

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