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Wet Markets Remain Popular

Wet Markets Remain Popular

While supermarkets selling chilled or frozen meats are increasingly popular in Asia, older shoppers generally prefer buying freshly slaughtered meat for daily consumption, believing it produces flavour in dishes and soup that is superior to frozen meat

Cr4SH 4 months

Can Newsvoice please recategorize the Guardian as left or Europe/left? The green Europe badge is misleading in political leanings. On a side note, this screams of propaganda.

Mac 4 months

Dear china, please learn how to handle meat safely.

Maesterfully 4 months

According to the Guardian the wet markets 'most do not trade in exotic or wild animals and should not be confused with “wildlife markets”... Yeah, sure.

Error100 4 months

CNN really out here digging their own grave even deeper. If they keep going they're going to be digging straight through to Chi... wait a minute.

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