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South Dakota governor shuns stay-at-home order as coronavirus cases climb

South Dakota governor shuns stay-at-home order as coronavirus cases climb

The number of infections in South Dakota has increased three-fold in a week to more than 1,000 but the state’s Gov. Kristi Noem reiterated that she won’t be ordering a stay-at- home. The state saw its infection numbers spike following an outbreak at a pork processing plant in Sioux Falls where about 500 employees tested positive. Their family members, about 120 people, have also tested positive.

direwolf1928 4 months

It is encouraging to see a leader not given into mob mentality. I can only hope she keeps it up and holds strong.

Howdy 4 months

this is a good woman here

TheCurrentModality 4 months

I am liking this governor. We need to migrate to a county by county approach. I live in a rural county I n New Jersey (yes they exist). We have very few cases, let alone deaths. My county should not be closed. This monolithic approach is bafflingly obtuse.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 4 months

Well if you haven't noticed the right wing party isn't the smartest party. it's very hard to find a Intelligent person in that group

Boo 4 months

She is correct as are most of the R governors. If your kid gets the flu you don't quarantine the others, just the one with the flu.

themdg 4 months

SD is projected to have fewer than 200 deaths, even with their lack of the silly "stay home" nonsense. Seems like she's doing fine.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 4 months

Mob mentality? You mean a rational idea to curb the spread of a disease.

Rational 4 months


Katharine 4 months

Cute kids

Boo 4 months

She is pretty! They changed the photo. The governor is very pretty.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 months

Where I live in Canada the government hasn't issued a lockdown and we are doing very well in handling the virus

Fin 4 months

Smithfield shut down n move the plant

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