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Andrew Cuomo asks for greater federal funding

Andrew Cuomo asks for greater federal funding

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York requested the federal government to provide urgent financial assistance to states. Mr. Cuomo said that such assistance was necessary in order to ramp up testing capacities in hope of being able to reopen state economies.

Marc 6 months

With all the bitching and pointing finger's you tell me that Trump was right about the ventilators. Well shit the bed fred!!

Michael 6 months

Great, earlier models suggested a larger need than what played out. Cuomo bought 1000 from China, got 4000 from Trump, and other states donated an untold number. Now he's donating a total of 150 ventilators to other states. Fine, he overshot his needs. Now he's helping. Why all the hateful journalism?

tenoclock 6 months

Didn't he go on a rant on national television yelling at Trump about how he needed 40 thousand?

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