India to arrest Muslim leader over COVID-19 outbreak

India to arrest Muslim leader over COVID-19 outbreak

Indian police have charged the leader of a Muslim seminary alleging that a gathering held by the organization in Delhi set off COVID-19 infection clusters across the country. The gathering, which began on 3 March, was not put off even after the announcement of a nationwide lockdown on 24 Mar. In Delhi, the Govt. alleges 1,080 of the 1,561 cases were linked to the group’s gathering.

A 1 months

every religion has to have a few or more of these types

SickOfTribalisem 1 months

Really... oh man i'm sick of the bias... even here... listen... who cares about the religion/... the point is that thoes people are spreading the virus... and i/we get it... it's a delicate balance.... is it right to force social distancing over civil libreties and the right to gather... who knows but one thing's for sure... thoes gatherings help the virus spread.. regardless where or what religion or..

John W
John W 1 months

Most of the population won't have access to medical care. What is the point of flattening the curve. Let it run and get it over with. With no medical care anyways, dragging it on just causes death from starvation.

Scott 1 months

Time for a public stoning of the Muslim leader. What a pile of. ....!

dennis 1 months

If the lockdown was from 24 March, then they did nothing wrong on 3 March.

Guadalupe 1 months

Scapegoating, typical fascist move.

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