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Las Vegas mayor calls closure of nonessential businesses ’total insanity’

Las Vegas mayor calls closure of nonessential businesses ’total insanity’

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman (D) on Wednesday called for Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) to reopen nonessential businesses shuttered during the coronavirus pandemic, proclaiming that the actions have reached a point of ’total insanity’and ’killing’ Las Vegas. Goodman said an estimated 900,000 have already lost their jobs, and 300,000 of those have already filed for unemployment in the city.

Austin 4 months

Casinos are large gathering places where people touch all the same stuff. Definitely should remain closed.

Mike Johanson
Mike Johanson 4 months

I'm from Vegas, born and raised, this govenors actions are completely tolitarian and against freedom. I can tell you, Las Vegans will put up with this for a little bit but the clock is ticking till protests and revolt.

Jon 4 months

How are they planning to keep crowded, high contact areas like casinos safe to the public?

tsylana 4 months

Shut up, Corporate Stooge.

William 2 months

I'm hearing about the casino's yes I believe that they should not be opened and definitely the schools should not be opened eather. More and more children in Florida are catching the Virus and if we send our kids to school and they catch it and bring it back to us adult then we will be going back to the drawing board and closing everything down again. Please everyone think before doing stuff and wake ⏰ up and smell the coffee ☕. From a concerned parent to another please think about online schooling at least for one year ..

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

Guess the mayor got a little message from the mob. Better open our casinos back up, or else...

Marc 4 months

IT'S SIN CITY , Have fun with that . You really think that people will just wait . There going to be shooting dice and craps in every alley !

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