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As the US shut down, Trump’s legal fight to build wall ramped up

As the US shut down, Trump’s legal fight to build wall ramped up

Trump administration is aggressively pursuing its promise of building a wall along the US southern border, Reuters reports, notwithstanding the fact that most of the country is under some sort of a lockdown due to the pandemic. The report says the administration opened 41 cases in federal courts to seize land to build a wall, out of those 16 were filed in the past 2 months, and 12 in March.

IvoryDove 7 months

A "Virtual Wall" works for me. Criminalize harboring foreign citizens within our borders. Employment, government benefits, any assistance at all. Banks couldn't transact with them. Insurance companies couldn't. State governments couldn't. Criminalize and punish it. Fines. Prison for multiple offenses.

Gordon 7 months

The nerve of Trump keeping people employed building a wall instead of staying home collecting government aid.

Drew 7 months

I mean if he wanted to do this it should of been at the start of his term and he’d just doing it now because he’s desperate for a good political move to get him re-elected just saying...

A Stable Genius lol
A Stable Genius lol 6 months

Yay let’s build faulty hyper expensive wall. YAY let’s spend billions on something non essential while millions at risk in our country from dying of unrelated threat...sounds like a good republican choice to me.

Randall 6 months

His fancy wall was circumvented in twelve seconds by a twelve year old girl! While Trump said many world class mountain climbers found his wall impossible to compromise.

Matt 6 months

He's already made a figurative wall with different policies and adding a physical barrier will just help to strengthen the border further

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