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Food banks across US struggle to keep up with demand

Food banks across US struggle to keep up with demand

As per reports, amid the rising levels of unemployment, hundreds of food banks have been set up around the US to provide three meals a day to those struggling. In Honolulu, Hawaii, a two-mile-long line of cars awaited the Salvation Army’s drive-thru emergency food distribution Saturday. Texas’ San Antonio Food Bank said over 10,000 people showed up Thursday at a food distribution meant for 6,000.

Matt 5 months

Wow I'm so thankful I'm considered as essential worker and can still buy my groceries but we need to get the economy going again or coronavirus won't matter because these people will be dead from starvation anyway

porcus 5 months

Food banks are done everywhere in the US, sustained by the public donating food. If the food banks do not have enough food then it's because the public is not donating it. And that's a serious problem because it's a trickle down system; if the economy does not get started up soon then the homeless and the poor will end up with no handouts - and that leads to crime to survive and deep social unrest. The economy IS IMPORTANT it turns out. And a big part of the foodchain problem right now is that China is central to a lot of food manufacturing. For example, animals raised in the US are killed and shipped frozen to China where they are butchered and then shipped back frozen to the US. This has been completely disrupted by the pandemic, and it will take some time for these supplies to be restored. Shipping is very slow... The point is that the public is going to be holding back their food for their own use for quite a while yet; and this leaves the poor and homeless in the lurch. :/

tim 5 months

Look at all those SUVs, What a hard life. Perhaps you should of bought a car after you hade at least 3 months of savings.

tim 5 months

It’s amazing how people are starving after three weeks. O-what there in a nice car siting on there ass to pick up free food to go home and sit in front of there big screen tv. In a place they could never afford to start with. USA

Shelley 5 months

Help me understand why...these “recently unemployed” people should have filed for unemployment. Unemployment is currently paying $27.50/hr...that’s a raise for a LOT of people. How are they unable to afford groceries? Contrary to what some would have you believe, stores in Texas are pretty well re-stocked. Only paper and cleaning supplies are lagging. I really don’t get why this is happening.

One Watchable
One Watchable 5 months

Aren't food banks done in churches? Why can't "god" keep up with the demand? Well, it "did" create the entire Universe, but it is incapable, it doesn't know how to defeat chariots made out of iron...

Tommy Rotten
Tommy Rotten 5 months

Voted for Trump. Won't mashes that mistake again. What a dumbass he's become! Drain the swamp? He is the swamp! #neverbidenbernieortrump #nomoreidiots

Lev 5 months

Common MAGA Muppets, you need to call your elected TDS REPUBLICANS and tell them to stop these "takers", if this continues those same moochers are going to demand a right to free dental and healthcare. Then, instead of living their lives they'll NEEDLESSLY sit in doctors waiting rooms to get preventative treatments instead of waiting until they need to go to the emergency room likely everyone else. Think of the perfect capitalist system, when someone gets sick, they should have to go bankrupt, or die in the street, and not be given the much cheaper preventative medical care. Common "Don't tread on me", "Not in my backyard"

IndependentMind 5 months

We do not see any hint of that in MN.

tsylana 5 months

Is this a thing among developed nations anywhere except the US?

Fin 5 months

Hello grocery stores don't destroy foods roll em out to local food banks... Reset expiration quotas so u pull em earlier and give em to your local food banks.... U r making profits, hand over fist... N damn get ur folks cloth masks with ur logos on FL u have a fashion design school... Ask em to fire up those sewing machines n get some folks working... Same in lots of states... Reach out to four h.... Give folks something to do

tenoclock 5 months

Where are all those rich virtual signaling celebrities now?

Nate Urine
Nate Urine 5 months

Unemployed people are so effed. This is why you have to arm yourself. The food banks will run out. Armed guards will be posted at the grocery stores once they've seen looting on the rise and then people will pick what they deem to be a soft target. Don't be a soft target. As bad as I feel for people that are getting the bad end of this deal, it may soon become a case of kill or be killed. Hopefully not though.

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