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Vatican’s new Hong Kong bishop says religious freedom must stay

Vatican’s new Hong Kong bishop says religious freedom must stay

Hong Kong’s newly appointed Catholic bishop said he would need to tread carefully with Beijing as it cracks down on dissent. The Vatican announced Monday that Stephen Chow would be the city’s new bishop. ’Religious freedom is a basic right. We hope in our talks to the government to remind it that it doesn’t forget that,’ he said. He, however, refused to comment on China’s treatment of religions.

Hello and Goodbye
Hello and Goodbye 0 months

Authoritarian governments will inevitably turn on religion. The idea that the individual is accountable to a power higher than that of the state is counter productive. You cant force an entire group of people to obey immoral laws when they believe that God is watching.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 0 months

I'm not sure will they forget that human right, but I'm 100% certain they will ignore it. Like many of them, for them that is just thing of the past.

C 0 months

The pathetic frailty of communism prevents debate, dissenting opinions and worst of all God.

Glen 0 months

Good luck with that! Chinese atheist. No freedoms. Hong Kong freedoms are being destroyed one at a time, just like the United States.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

A basic right? What pish.

Aaron 4 weeks

Good luck. There was once a pope who stood against the communism idealism.

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