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Amazon is rolling out warehouse health-and-safety ’huddles’

Amazon is rolling out warehouse health-and-safety ’huddles’

Amazon stated on Monday that a safety program it has been testing in warehouses since 2019 will be fully implemented. The initiative is called ’’Physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and good eating support’ would be provided to staff as part of ’Working Well.’ This would allow employees to ’recharge and reenergize,’ lowering the danger of damage ’It was stated.

Jones 0 months

They had these at Wal-Mart... I know of several people that quit just because of the stupid stretching and "workouts" they made us do on the floor. Stop treating your employees like children and invest in equipment to make their jobs easier/safer, if anyone can afford it Amazon can.

WJ MacKENZIE 0 months

But will they get bathroom breaks?

coughdrop1989 0 months

Thats crazy because the jobs ive been working at have had thos implemented for years. Its called a f'ing break.

michael 0 months

Or you could just give them comprehensive healthcare and a living wage equivalent to the labor. Many studies indicate that money makes a difference to health. Up until about 100k a year, then money stops producing significant returns on the money to health ratio.

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