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US Army spends $15M on super-advanced steel 3D printer

US Army spends $15M on super-advanced steel 3D printer

As per a report from New Scientist, the U.S. Army is utilizing a giant, high-speed 3D printer for the production of large, ’ultra-high-strength steel’ components, such as armor, weapons, and even entire parts for military vehicles. The printer has been commissioned from 3D Systems in South Carolina for a reported $15 million.

Dave 4 months

Excellent, the military does all the R&D, works out all the bugs and absorbs all the cost so in 5-10 years we can all buy one on Amazon for $200.

SickOfTribalisem 4 months

If you'd ask me that's a good thing if the printer could be made in a faiely relativly cheap of a way... and... just imagin needing to replace a tiny part of a broken device/.. where it needs to be shilded... just imagin patching bullet proof glass with a steal "clip" made for the exact shape... just imagin so much.... while it sounds like a lot when were talking about teserch.. we son't really know how usfull it could potencially be long term...

Marketus 4 months

$15 million seems like a tiny amount, maybe enough for some prototypes and testing before major projects

Joshua Peterson (Monkeyseaker)
Joshua Peterson (Monkeyseaker) 4 months

But what if they print guns?

R_Forde 4 months

They need to print a large 3D calicat to make sure it works.

IIzard 4 months

Can they print tanks?

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