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Prince Harry faces backlash after calling First Amendment ’bonkers’

Prince Harry faces backlash after calling First Amendment ’bonkers’

Prince Harry is facing a backlash after calling the First Amendment of the US Constitution ’bonkers’ during a podcast appearance last week. ’I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers,’ Harry said while chatting about the paparazzi and life in Los Angeles. Harry came under criticism from Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Crenshaw, among others.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 0 months

Funny it comes from a person who lived with royal family which has strict rules and now lives under strict rules of his wife. Whenever they are together, he has to be nudged to speak. I'm not entirely convinced he can understand 1st Amendment.

Diego 0 months

This man lost my respect a while back. A English prince through and through as he cannot take criticism and feels the very freedom we have is bonkers. People kinda forget that we have men and women from the founding of this country fight the British to make sure this freedom was born. For a man born into royalty he doesn't understand poverty or the mind of a the common man or woman. He can say that he understands but i doubt it because he has never lived it.

Nosotros La Gente
Nosotros La Gente 0 months

Yes, yes, the cornerstone of freedom is so bonkers. To be able to speak truth to power freely? What kind of nonsense idea is that?

Max 0 months

Fortunately, since we whipped their behinds and sent them scurrying home in the late 1700's, we don't have to be concerned with what they think...🙄

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

That's why we had to kick you vile families soldiers out of this great land and turn it into the greatest country. Your filthy family will NEVER tell us what to do.

Johnson 0 months

Yankee go home!

J.C. 0 months

PLEASE, feel free to move to another country!

Joe S
Joe S 0 months

Thank God we separated from that country.

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