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Trump, Pence defends testing capabilities

Trump, Pence defends testing capabilities

Seeking to alleviate fears about the availability of mass testing for the COVID-19, VP Pence said Friday that states ’have enough tests to implement the criteria of phase 1’ of the White House plan to reopen the economy. President Trump on Saturday offered a fiery defense of his response to the COVID-19, saying, ’Unfortunately, some partisan voices are trying to politicize the issue of testing’.

neo the one
neo the one 5 months

Oh yeah, tell me where and I'll go get one

Joe 5 months

States reply "no we don't"

Indo 5 months

Is that all, don't u have any more ideas on solurions. Can you press others to start on it as well. They are wasting all of our time acting like kindergarten kids. We need more serious thoughts like this.

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