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SCOTUS to decide constitutionality of Mississippi abortion law

SCOTUS to decide constitutionality of Mississippi abortion law

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear arguments in a major abortion case from Mississippi that could roll back limits on abortion laws cemented by the landmark reproductive rights case Roe v. Wade.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Telling that the court would be open to hear a tired case about abortion rights after less than a week where they unilaterally dismissed a massive voters initiative for marijuana legalization.

Pryotra 0 months

After that court decided that they (SCOTUS) didn't care if states followed the constitution, I think Alabama already has a case for unequal enforcement of law. This is why, bare minimum, SCOTUS should seriously consider allegations of violating the Constitution rather than dismiss them out of hand. Now, they've created the precedent that the constitution and the body it represents no longer matter.

Seekster 0 months

Another opportunity to reverse Roe v. Wade which is a mistake by the courts on the same level as the Dred Scott decision and Plessy v. Ferguson.

jamie 0 months

Well with a huge 2A win SCOTUS gave today maybe there is hope for them yet.

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