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Trump announces $19B relief for farmers

Trump announces $19B relief for farmers

President Trump on Friday announced a $19 billion relief program to help farmers cope with the impact of the COVID-19. This will include $16 billion in direct payment and mass purchases of produce, meat and other products. The decision comes amid rising pressure from the US farm lobby for government purchases as growers and ranchers struggle to get their goods to market because of disruptions.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 6 months

Stupid Chinese and WHO, the deficit is gonna be colossal because of those lying idiots. After this we should put a trade emabargo on China.

Fawn 6 months

It's too bad farmers have been suffering under the Trump Administration loooong before the pandemic. Hopefully this will actually get to the farming communities that need it most, and quickly. But farmers needed this years ago.

michael 6 months

good. hope some of that food makes it to food banks. still not going to earn my vote. a criminal giving a handout is still a criminal. any other president would do the same. trump is almost at the bare minimum of what the job entails.

TheMadDane 6 months

Chump change. Lol

Clint 6 months

Sure sounds like socialism to me

nsmith2016 6 months

But ThAtS SOciaLisM !!!!!!

GreenPartyFTW 6 months

There is no such thing as a fiscal conservative in a time of a pandemic.

Rational 6 months

Wow, more socialism. Who'd a thought it was that good?

GreenMachine 6 months

They should put it into logistics to help keep the food going to market.

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