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Turnbull recounts tense call with President Trump

Turnbull recounts tense call with President Trump

Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull recounts in a memoir experiences he had as PM. He tells of a colleague going ’white with horror’ at President Trump’s ferocity about a refugee deal in a phone conversation he had in January 2017. Mr Turnbull also reveals a conversation with Obama in Jan. 2016 when the then-president dismissed the chances of Mr Trump winning the Nov. 2016 presidential election.

David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 6 months

Malcolm Turnbull is a bitch

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 6 months

Old news really

Indo 6 months

And of what use is that when all you have is bungling n grumbling politicos to deal with. Anyone of you upto scratch on this issue we are now in. Or are you just as usual waiting for the next guy to do something ?

Dave 6 months

Promoting another book release?

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