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’Very close’ to coronavirus funding deal, says Pelosi

’Very close’ to coronavirus funding deal, says Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has said she believes lawmakers are very close to a deal on approving extra money to help small businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. An agreement would end a stalemate over President Trump’s request to add $250 billion to a small-business loan program. The Democrats have said that they favor more money for small businesses but want a part of it to go towards hospitals.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 months

Ah man I wonder what interest groups she’ll be funneling money to this time after holding the country hostage.... again.

IvoryDove 4 months

When it comes to taxing and spending, both parties come together.... The only thing that gets them together this closely is if a third party tried to get into the picture.

Monica 4 months

I heard Pelosi put 4 billion toward Iran in the package.

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