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US legislator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez calls Israel ’an apartheid state’

US legislator Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez calls Israel ’an apartheid state’

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez called Israel ’an apartheid state’ following a week of violence that seized the region. She claimed that it, hence, cannot be a democracy. AOC has been vocally critical of the Israeli government since being elected to the House of Representatives in 2018. She utilized her Twitter feed over the weekend to try rallying the U.S. government to deescalate the violence.

Ben Song
Ben Song
RedTsunami2020 0 months

If terrorist groups, like Hamas, would stop using Palestinians as pawns to eradicate the Jewish State, there would be peace in Israel. Put the blame where it belongs.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 0 months

For once she is right. Israel is factually an apartheid state and meets all of the criteria within the definition.

Clint 0 months

That is the reason why I cannot morally support Israel in any way shape or form (outside the right to exist). I refuse to spend any money on any product or service that is Israeli. Once they end their apartheid acts, gladly willing to use those products.

Green 0 months

They are responding to a faction that is the definition of an apartheid state. Hamas hates people of the Jewish faith which is a race. They are trying to eliminate all the people and take the land. Isreal just wants to stop being attacked by Hamas. Get rid of the terrorists group hiding amongst the civilian population in the Gaza strip and this would stop. For all the lefties that are hear complaining about Isreal defending themselves were where you when Syria was getting bombed, or when China is taking rights from Hong Kong, or the water ways from smaller countries, or when Russia was testing the response while encroaching on Ukraine.

A user you may know
A user you may know 0 months

Little Cortez. Always around for a good laugh. The little girl on the playground that screams she is going to die when a kid bumped her and she falls down with no injury.

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 0 months

Is AOC the only man in the Congress? What else can Israel be called but an Apartheid entit?. AOC needs echoed by her colleagues.

NPCHunter 0 months

AOC - Apartied states don’t have democracy. I say Israel is an apartheid state, therefor it doesn’t have democracy. Reality - Israel has elections (a little too often!), and usually results in a coalition. 1 in 5 members of the Knesset is an Arab representing Arab parties and form a part of any coalition. 🤡🌍

Glen 0 months

If anyone wonders why Trump wanted to clean out the swamp. Cortez, Omar,Talib, Schumer,Walters,Pelosi, Nadler and Schifty Schiff, Inslee,Cuomo, Wheeler are perfect examples why swamp needs to be drained. Trump run the country like a business and worked for the people. Demacrats work for a larger government and control over the people. So folks you choose and quite letting the media control your lives. Remember there is two sides to every story.

Taurus 0 months

@NPC Having a democratic system does not prevent segregation as US proved decades ago. Tyranny of the majority is still a real thing in 4 to 1 scenario that you described. Can’t believe I am agreeing more with AOC on this!

Face Palm
Face Palm 0 months

You would think that a group of people who the world GAVE their own country while forcing the then inhabitants to move would be very understanding of the Palestinians dilemma. Of course, you would think that a Middle Eastern country would also want to secure regional peace. Neither are true of Israel, despite over 71% of the world's nations proclaiming their seizure of lands illegal.

James 0 months

Wonder if this twit realizes KKK leader David Duke uses this same language about Israel?

Seekster 0 months

The most offensive part of the headline is that AOC is called a legislator. Really what laws has she made that have been passed? I shouldn't even need to explain why she is wrong about Israel.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Deescalate? How about you ask the side who first sent the first missiles. So are nations not allowed to defend themself any longer? Sorry Israel we shouldve just let you and all your people die years ago under hitler is what I'm hearing from everyones mouth. You do realize you support Nazis at this point in the conversation right?

Yankee 0 months

I tapped that a while back in the ally behind the bar she worked at . Totally different chick before politics took over .

Zachary 0 months

Democrats are anti-Semitic Plain and simple

John 0 months

Most unintelligent person maybe in history!

SD 0 months

It is! The only question is how much longer will Israel remain strategically relevant once US petroleum interests are no longer wagging the dog?

jon 0 months

Cortez couldn't define the word 'apartheid' if her sorry life depended on it. She's just mindlessly repeating far-left talking points like the trained parrot she really is. I'd feel sorry for that m0rOn if she weren't given the power to hurt me and mine with her hateful rhetoric.

Patrick 0 months

She just failed elementary school geography... Apartheid is South Africa... Several thousand miles away sweety.

butch mccloskey
butch mccloskey 0 months

She ain’t wrong

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