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Coronavirus relief deal possible Monday, says Trump

Coronavirus relief deal possible Monday, says Trump

Democrats and Republicans report they are near agreement on an additional stimulus deal to add funding to the small business support program which has exhausted the funding originally allocated. The Democrats are also looking for the bill to provide aid the state and local governments and food stamp funding.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 5 months

Democrats will get my tax dollars for their special interests when this should have been about direct funding for just those in need due to the shut down. Thanks Republicans (ya spineless bastards).

WWG1WGA 5 months

Just as long as parasite illegals don't get 1 penny. They need to self deport and help their county

Austin 5 months

It may sound selfish but an additional stimulus check would go a long way. Many cannot survive for a month on 1200 alone of they have lost employment.

Kiayu 5 months

Hedge funds and Vulture Capitalism are illegal in many countries for good reasons, a money making Scam that destroys Communities and takes away jobs.

Will Miller
Will Miller 5 months

Stop giving them money! The more money they get the more this drags out. You can't appease dictators, you have to starve them until they concede.

IvoryDove 5 months

More big government spending for cronies & donors.

Rational 5 months

It will be more handouts for the wealthy and not much for the rest of us that will have to pay for it. Congress's suckage knows no limit.

Will Miller
Will Miller 5 months

We need to reopen! We can't keep printing money!

Roberto 5 months

The post office needs to be saved. It is the lifeline of the United States and it reaches all of our borders around the world. It helps us stay in touch when everything else fails. Please save the post office, don’t let it die.

Will Miller
Will Miller 5 months

Money printer go brrrr

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