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Abortion demand rising amid pandemic

Abortion demand rising amid pandemic

Abortion providers in the US have reported a spike in demand for the procedure as women distraught over economic stress and health concerns linked to the pandemic are opting to terminate their pregnancies. Many states are trying to ban abortions, calling them non-essential, as a result clinics in these states are seeing a spike in requests from women hoping to get an abortion while they still can.

Rocky 7 months

Great more lives lost to the panic. How many will die as a result of the overreaction to the most recent pandemic? Suicides? Abortions? Starvation? The anuls of history may never be able to answer the question.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 7 months

Let those women suffer with their anxiety sl@ughtering babies should of never been an option.

A 7 months

The males in this comment section hate losing the life of underdeveloped fetus so much, you would think they would feel morally obligated to find a way to lower the miscarriage rate. Maybe we could put nature on trial for claiming the lives of so many. Abortion is the only time people want to put their 2 cents in about removing an unwanted development from the human body. I never hear anyone bitch about removing tumors. I love when people say things like, "you know what could happen if you have sex so if you make the decision you have to deal with it". No one ever says that when a smoker gets cancer, like oh well you knew cigarettes cause cancer so you don't deserve chemo.

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