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COVID-19 threatening media freedom, says watchdog

COVID-19 threatening media freedom, says watchdog

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has said that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a threat for press freedom around the world. In its annual evaluation, the group warned that the crisis could serve as an excuse for governments ’to take advantage of the fact that politics are on hold, the public is stunned and protests are out of the question’. Press freedom in the US was rated as ’satisfactory’.

Tachyon 5 months

Canada's commie dogs are pushing for a Ministry of Truth with fines for "incorrect" information.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 5 months

That's what they are trying in Spain. Recently they probed to see if people would be okay with all corona related bews having to be approved by "official sources" before being published. Very progressive of them.

dan 5 months

Its working great for social media so why not move to the next level?

Rick Avory
Rick Avory 5 months

Good. The press is an enemy to the people and needs to be weakened. We need to think about what allowing “freedom of the press” really means for the freedom of the American people.

Noobs 5 months

Freedom of the press is one of the foundations upon which society is built, only one rank lower than the freedom of speech. Not being able to move around is not even important, relatively. It is not bad to lose some freedom of movement during the lethal Chinese pandemic that is currently hitting us hard. These liberties are revoked in special situations where you traveling is a danger for others. Think of murderers. They lose their freedom of movement for the same reason. Right now, due to the virality of the virus, moving around is putting others at a hightened risk. Not being able to travel is not hurting you in the long run and does not give the government any more power. Removing the freedom of the press, however, gives the hovernment total cpntrol of the truth and removes your ability to gather independant information. Being unable to get independant information will hinder your ability to reason and decide for yourself. The government would receive awesome power of brainwashing. We want freedom of press during wars and catastrophes, and we want it now.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 5 months

Social media giants are the greatest offenders of the freedoms of people and the press to spread acurate information.

Eric Leija
Eric Leija 5 months

here's the deal everybody's freedoms are at risk because we're all under quarantine it's not just in media. The fact that they just want to make this about themselves speaks volumes about them and their own hypocrisy.

Jack 5 months

Just sigh. The mainstream media report more misinformation than not. Every major media outlet has an agenda and is more interested in pointing the finger at opponents than telling the news. Search through YouTube for independent creators if you want the truth.

KayBun 5 months

We are fine in Brasil. We never had that fancy freedum of spleesh you civilized folk keep yapping about. Crap, we might even have a second military coup in a couple of months. Ah, good times to be alive...

By Faith
By Faith 5 months

just ban all fake news with extremely high fines.

Katharine 5 months

I didn't know that was a thing

RayJoeBal 5 months

1930's Germany maybe even reminiscent of United Soviet Socialist Republic or similar to the British colonies mid to late 1700's

Rocker C Te
Rocker C Te 5 months

I think trump already did that!

tsylana 5 months

Hungary and Poland are the poster-children for this.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 5 months

Whit the disinformation of the media and China the whole world is in danger.

SickOfTribalisem 5 months

No... the pooor horrible snit the media has become is threatening the media... lets face it people..... why we need apps like this one nowdays.... becuse journalistic standarts don't really exist any more... only tribal partisanship... the media uses to report facts nowdays it's a cess pool of opinions and ragebait fo clicks at all cost so to speak... the virus isn't jilling the media... people tuning in and actuslly listening watching reading cheaking paying attention to what the media says... now that's killing the media... (main stream media at the very least...) peopl are finnally noticing the bias the lies the smears the... well politics... the nouance the... people finnaly notice the truth...

Indo 5 months

It's threatening all our lives. How about you focus on that n not just your own world. All of us in the rest of the world are also affected

David 5 months

Does press freedom mean you can say whatever you want? How about give 1 fact but leave out " the rest of the story" to help make your agenda? I'm already worried about the press.

IIzard 5 months

No shit

Will Miller
Will Miller 5 months

The irony is palpable

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