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Trudeau calls for ban on assault weapons after Canada’s deadliest shooting

Trudeau calls for ban on assault weapons after Canada’s deadliest shooting

Following the deadliest shooting in Canada’s history in which 22 people lost their lives, country’s PM Justin Trudeau said that the government was on the verge of introducing legislation banning all ’assault-style weapons’ however it got interrupted when the pandemic caused parliament to be suspended. Trudeau said once the parliament is resumed, the government will move forward on the legislation.

FourAncientWhiteElephants 6 months

Justin Trudeau is a globalist puppet chomping at the bit to take more rights away from Canadians. This is the perfect opportunity to have an excuse for it and play the concerned savior while doing it.

Zander 6 months

Crimes are committed and bad people exist, but no amount of fear and danger will ever outweight the insurmountable fact we are imbued we inalienable rights, which include self defense and gun ownership (as long as we can either buy or make them)

paddy 6 months

He stole the weapon from an RCMP officer...guess we should ban police from carrying carbines?

AlexJ 6 months

The fact that they push gun control not even a month after the shooting and that we are on the verge of WW3 and global revolution, because normal people are just tired of rich politicians not holding their promises and making laws not in the interest of the voters, but the large corporations with money. Either that or they blame guns to hide their incompetence in stopping these shootings. Their argument is lik: after some guy kills like 20 people with his car, goverment decides cars are a lethal weapon and normal people can't own them, but tey decide that their military and police can have them. Does that seem fair? Why does that seem familiar? Thats just what the Nazis did, thats what the USSR did, thats just what any authoritarian regime does to prevent revolution and force them to comply with anything they say. I'm not saying we shouldn't ban certain guns like machine guns or rocket launchers. But there should be more social programmes to prevent these killings. That is the only thing we can do to stop them, because if you want to kill, you will always find a way to kill.

Mutatis 6 months

What gun did the shooter use? More importantly, since this is about 'gun control' legislation, how did he attain the gun?

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 6 months

This is exactly what happened in Tasmania with the Port Arthur shootings, which to this day a lot of people believe the government organised the shooting to build public support for gun confiscation. Next in this case, you'll probably see lots of evidence get contaminated so it's not usable to prove the shooter innocent. Take it from someone who's been through this, put your guns and heaps of ammo in waterproof containers and bury them so you can get them again later if the government turns socialist.

avecplus 6 months

Of course NOW he takes immediate action on this, could of been great if he did the same thing with the Virus..Typical leftist mentality...

AD C 6 months

Trudeau, please define "assualt-style guns"? Honestly, it's sad how much legislation aims to ban guns on something that is often just a cosmetic aspect. Meanwhile something like bump-stocks can be out on the market with no Politician having any idea about it until someone used it to shoot up a country concert.

Rocky 6 months

Dictatorial moron. This shooting has shown exactly how ineffective gun laws are. In America we sold 2.4 million guns in just the month of March. Guess how many mass shootings we had.... Exactly zero. Don't let power grabbing tyrants steal your most basic rights. You have already given too much!

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 6 months

Trudeau couldn't fix a drink..

VanityCulture_ 6 months

Ban Corona virus!

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 6 months

We are not for guns, now I am going to send people with guns to collect your guns?

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 months

Can we stop allowing Mother Jones on here, they are leftist tabloid trash

Kevin 6 months

The fox news piece here does not seem related to the main story

Dan 6 months


R0411 6 months

Nothing like standing on fresh graves to push your agenda. Kudos to you Justin

CommanderVaasDC 6 months

.. whats wrong with our current laws on them.

michael 6 months

I'm seeing a lot of reactionary NRA style corporate propaganda in the comments. you don't need a high capacity semi automatic long range weapon for self defense. a simple pistol will work just fine. and you don't need fifty pistols. one will work just fine. hunting on the other hand does need different weapons and ammo for different prey. but name me one animal that requires an AR-15. other than defenseless humans going about their daily lives. if you aren't part of state/territory militia or national guard, you simply do not need the preferred gun of the corporate gun lobby.

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