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Scientists observe unusual composition of interstellar comet

Scientists observe unusual composition of interstellar comet

Scientists discovered that a comet called 2I/Borisov surprisingly diverges from other comets in its composition. 2I/Borisov was only the second interstellar object ever detected passing through the solar system. Gas coming off 2I/Borisov contained high amounts of carbon monoxide suggesting 2I/Borisov formed in a very cold outer region of its home star system or around a star cooler than the Sun.

Seekster 6 months

If two interstellar comets have visited our Solar System in such a short period of time then this implies that such events probably occur frequently and we just haven't been able to detect these interstellar visitors until now. Hopefully someday we send a probe, similar to Osiris-Rex to retrieve a sample from one of these. Imagine what we could learn from a surface sample taken from an object that formed around another star.

Wholly 6 months

I much prefer stories like these to the media and politically charged articles. Please post more of these.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 months

That's so cool! (no pun intended) . I wonder what else we will discover as time passes.

porcus 6 months

The more we look the more interesting things we find. Lots of stuff passes by all the time without humanity noticing just because we do not look for it. I would really like to have a series of space-based telescopes monitoring for this sort of stuff moving through the Solar system.

KM 6 months

We know nothing.

BumperCar 6 months

Isn't this how the Final Fantasy movie started?

Pusmaw 6 months

Tis a derelict space hulk slipping between warp translations....... Usually infested with Orcs or Tyranids....... Sometimes far worse....... Pray Terra has gone unnoticed.......

Captain D’s nuts
Captain D’s nuts 6 months

Space nerds are dumb and pretentious. No one should care until we have an amusement park on the moon

.Tet. 6 months

I bet it's a cluster of space-poop, lol. Jk but this is really an interesting find.

Chrono Loop
Chrono Loop 6 months

So what you're saying is it's from a long time ago in a place far far away

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