Barr: DOJ may take legal action against governors if restrictions too strict

Barr: DOJ may take legal action against governors if restrictions too strict

Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that some current stay-at-home orders are ’burdens on civil liberties’, and that the state governors should ensure that the restrictions are properly targeted and do not unnecessarily infringe on constitutional rights of the citizens. Barr warned that if the infringement continued and lawsuits were brought, his department would side against the state.

I have no idea
I have no idea 0 months

When Amazon can deliver What Ever The Fuck they want but a local business owner can't make deliveries without being arrested you have fucked up priorities. Especially in a state where wrestling and beaches are vital. When preventing the sale of seeds and construction materials because it's cold and shouldn't effect anyone anyway is your reasoning your priorities are fucked.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 0 months

I mean they do. Look at Michigan's incompetent governor.

Brett 0 months

This is ridiculous. Trump claims his authority to decide when states open their economies back up is "total". The constitution says otherwise. I know he can't read, but to also throw a fit when he gets told it's not up to him, now that, is much worse. His own government is trying to put out the bare minimum of common-sense safety protocols in his BS breifings and then he runs to twitter to forment revoloution in Democrat states. He is attempting to get his conspiracy theorist and brainwashed cult members to go forth and catch and spread this virus, negating all the time we have spent inside so far. This does not stop spreading until we shut down long enough or we have enough testing to track and quarantine people in real-time. Trump is doing the same things he always does: stir up divisions to keep the attention and conversation away from his complete incompetence and boundless corruption. No country in the world is acting this recklessly with it's own citizens lives. If he wants to play this game then let it be with his idiot voters lives getting lost at exponentially increasing numbers. Trump and his supporters are the virus. The virus could be the cure.

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 0 months

“Ihre Papiere bitte” Ima guess that line was crossed a while ago bud

IIzard 0 months

It's a class system, all the poor people are "non essential" and are banned from working. The economic damage for this virus is worse than 911

Commodore 0 months

Wow, so King Donald the Clown is now officially a pimp too. And Barr has officially become President Chump's little b🤬h, who will do exactly as h''s told. I got to hand it to der Führer Trump, he sure does knows how to get people of power to fall in line. As long as there as morally and ethically depraved, like him. ''m sure the #WillfullyIgnorantTrumponian cultists are very pleased with this.

porcus 0 months

Michigan is part of the problem:

Jd 0 months

Running into the mouth of a lethal contagious virus? Go for it. What could go wrong. The virus is here to take the weak and the stupid. Good luck getting a ventilator. Washington have theirs and they're NOT FOR YOU. Have at it dumb asses 😂

Katharine 0 months

Which are?

michael 0 months

but only ever against Democrat governers. I'll eat my hat if he sides against a single republican who has issued stay at home orders. this is the same man who wants to take away your right to a trial using covid-19 as an excuse to do so.

YourHighness 0 months

CDC already talking about the 2nd wave may be bigger. Maybe or may not be, but wiser to prepare. We don't want 2nd wave of Spanish flu.

yuckycrumpet 0 months

*...And the rest of normal civilized world sits backs and watches... And grabs popcorn*

Pj 0 months

Good, sonething like this should not even budge the right of the people.

Dexman 0 months

LEGAL?!! Just What Makes it Legal, Barr? If Anything, It's Illegal!

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