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Russia constructs new medical facility within a month

Russia constructs new medical facility within a month

The center has purchased more than 26,000 units of medical equipment, furniture, and protective suits for personnel. Each bed can be converted into an intensive care unit if required.

Randall 4 months

Those damn Russians! How dare they do stuff better than us?!

Hannibal 4 months

Sadly, it's probably more accurate to call this a hospital than the hospice China and our media fetted for weeks. The Russian doctor I received care from in 2010 was excellent too. Good people even if I rightly despise their government.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 4 months

Well good on them. This is what happens when you don't have Chinese supported MSM and Pelosi to block every move you make. Russia has been veering away from China the past years starting with the Obama administration. That's why China has been making Russia the boogeyman in its CCP inspired propaganda in the US.

Travis 4 months

I’m pretty happy with our public health here in Canada but this is really impressive. You can’t help but be impressed.

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