United Auto Workers union endorses Biden for president

United Auto Workers union endorses Biden for president

The United Auto Workers union endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential bid Tuesday, citing his commitment to putting a check on corporate power. On Monday, the UAW endorsed Biden’s plan to reopen the economy. The union, which represents workers at Ford, GM and Chrysler Fiat, was not included in Trump’s task force. About 400,000 workers make up the union, which has a history of backing Democrats.

IvoryDove 1 months

United Autoworkers Union (Bosses) endorses Biden. The story says nothing about the actual rank and file members.

Kevin Dunseath
Kevin Dunseath 1 months

Canadian here ( most of our private sector unions are dead. ) do people actually vote along union lines in any significant amount?

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 1 months

Trump saves their jobs, auto workers union choose his opponent for President. Nice.

mg 1 months

Please for the love of God, one of you union workers respond and tell me why in the hell you would or anybody above a third grade education would vote for Biden. I don't even like Trump but you got to be effing kidding me if you think biden's a better choice prove me wrong

Katharine 1 months

Makes sense

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 months

Union endorses a Democrat imagine my shock.... unions havent represented workers for over 20 years

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