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Seven contract COVID-19 through Wisconsin’s elections in April

Seven contract COVID-19 through Wisconsin’s elections in April

As per Milwaukee health officials, at least seven people contracted Covid-19 during Wisconsin’s primary election held on April 7. The cases include six voters and one poll worker. Health offices have warned that the number of election-related infections could grow as the 14-day incubation period ends on Wed. As of Tues, Milwaukee had 1,697 confirmed cases and 92 deaths related COVID-19.

Chrono Loop
Chrono Loop 5 months

Oh no, 7 whole people got sick from a statewide election. Cause surely nobody has ever gotten sick at the polls before 🙄 please, if anything this is evidence of the lack of a threat of spreading

Ellie 5 months

It’s almost as if we should have done mail in ballots! But the republicans don’t want that do they

Just_Saying 5 months

There is no reason that voter registration is not issued and made permanent upon the issuance of a social security card. There is also no reason that the entire country does not go to a mail in paper ballot system. Its a physically safer, more easily traceable chain of custody to verify its legitimacy if needed, paper offers better protection against vote tampering than digital voting does, paper ballots are not subject to foreign state actor digital manipulation, and they are easier to understand and complete than a digital system that much of the country is unfamiliar with. Mail in paper ballots actually favor republicans, so why are they against making the peoples scared, constitutional right to vote easier, unless it lessons their ability to suppress a certain voter demographic, or manipulate a free and fair election. Interesting question, why indeed republicans?

Boo 5 months

That's it? Who cares?

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 5 months

That's a bunch of bull they're using to try and push for their scam mail in votes. There is no way they can track it back to exactly the voting stations.

Dan 5 months

My question is if it has an incubation period and they don't even know exactly how long that is. How can they say these people got it while voting? Am I missing something here?

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